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Child custody

When divorce is inevitable, ease the emotionally difficult transition on your children by hiring Rovito Law LLC to handle your child custody and visitation agreements.


No matter how prepared you may be for a divorce, little prepares us for the ongoing unpredictability of post-separation joint-parenting. Divorce brings many changes in your outlook and priorities in life.


Sometimes these changes are a necessity, other times they can be a coping mechanism for dealing with the vulnerabilities of divorce. The same applies to the changes your ex-spouse is going through.


However, where you can control and modify your behavior to preserve the best interests of your children, ex-spouses are often reluctant to accept your input with regard to how they can improve their parenting skills!


Your children are often the first ones to express concern or discontent about the changes your ex-spouse is going through, many of these changes include:

A broken home doesn't mean broken parenting

Find better solutions through parenting coordination services

On the other end of the spectrum, your ex-spouse may become overly controlling or contrarian when making joint parenting decisions regarding the best interests of the child.


This often leads to a breakdown in communication where little gets resolved or unnecessary legal fees are incurred to ensure children are taken care of adequately.


Although these matters can be handled through a family court hearing, there are other more cost-effective methods that can be used to aid you with these problems. Rovito Law LLC also provides parenting coordination services to parents who need an intermediary to aid them in these disputes.


The use of an effective parenting coordinator allows you to get resolution a lot faster and with less of a financial burden, ultimately benefiting your child.

Obtain a Visitation Schedule That Benefits You and Your Children


  • A decline in interest or attention

  • Canceling scheduled visitation at the last minute

  • Prioritizing other people or activities over your children

  • Unnecessary criticism of your lifestyle or behavior

  • New activities or friends that make your children uncomfortable

Do what is best for your children

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