Alita Rovito was a Chester County Family Court Master for 15 Years

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Child support

Whether you are going through an initial child support arrangement or need a modification to an existing court order, Rovito Law LLC can help you.


Following a divorce, you could face life circumstances that may trigger a need to modify the court ordered alimony and child support agreement. Regardless of if you are the person paying or receiving, Rovito Law LLC can help you get the results you seek.

Modify your support or alimony order

Facing financial stress?

If money issues are burdening you either as a payer or payee, we'll help you find a quick resolution to your modification request. We'll analyze your financial situation and convey the relevant factors to the court for a fair decision. Having experience in making these decisions as a Family Court Master, Rovito Law LLC has a full understanding of the law

We will handle your case efficiently and cost effectively.


Support your children while protecting your lifestyle