Alita Rovito was a Chester County Family Court Master for 15 Years

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When all other options are exhausted, divorce may be the option that is best for your future. Rovito Law LLC will guide you every step of the way through the often complex process.


The possibility of divorce is intimidating for many people. The little information we have about divorce is often generalized or misleading so we are rarely able to anticipate the intricate twists and turns through the process.


To add to this confusion, the divorce/custody process can be highly varied from one county to another requiring an attorney well versed with the individual jurisdiction.


Your choice of attorney can be critical to surviving the challenges of divorce--while you focus on emotional healing and dealing with changes, you need to have faith that your attorney will effectively handle the divorce process acting as your advocate and seeking to protect your best interests.

Protect your best interests

Proper planning for a smoother transition

As a Master in the Chester County Courthouse, Alita Rovito handled, settled or decided over a thousand divorce cases. To address this caseload effectively, Alita Rovito often managed highly charged emotional situations bringing contentious parties to resolution quickly.


This expeditious mindset has followed Alita Rovito into private practice, where she will advocate for your best interests efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining control of the complex divorce process.

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