Alita Rovito was a Chester County Family Court Master for 15 Years

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Rovito Law LLC brings 29 years of experience in mediation and arbitration. Alita Rovito Esq. is a former Chester County Family Court Master.


With diverse experiences in family law, Rovito Law LLC has a unique qualification to understand and be able to see both sides of a situation when coming to a decision. As a former Chester County Court Master, Alita Rovito Esq brings her knowledge and experience to the firm when mediating cases

Problem solving is what we do

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We work with our clients to resolve issues using mediation, arbitration, and parent coordination. Rovito Law LLC can resolve your conflicts in an unbiased manner. Our law office will help you with family, custody, and property decisions. We care about each and every client that comes to us.


Our success stems from dedication to clients and our understanding of our clients’ emotions and how difficult these situations can be. Let us help you resolve them in the best possible way so that you can start a new phase of your life.

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