Alita Rovito was a Chester County Family Court Master for 15 Years

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Rovito Law LLC will help you protect what you have with a prenuptial agreement drafted for you. A prenuptial agreement provides peace of mind that your interests are protected in the event of a divorce.


Many couples do not need a prenuptial agreement, but if you bring a good amount of wealth or are marrying a spouse with significant debt, it may be an option

worth considering.

Ease the stresses of your big day

Make sure there are no surprises down the road

You'll get careful, diligent representation whether you are a wealthy independent spouse, or the dependent asked to sign the prenuptial agreement.


We draft the document ensuring that all aspects are clearly communicated and understood prior to signing. We can also make sure that you're protected by reviewing the prenuptial agreement that you are being asked to sign.

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Protect your interests through premarital planning