Alita Rovito was a Chester County Family Court Master for 15 Years

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Rovito Law LLC

With emotional and sentimental attachments involved, property division following a divorce can be extremely difficult on both parties involved. Rovito Law LLC will help you negotiate a fair and reasonable "give and take".


The feeling of asset entitlement due to the circumstances of the divorce or difference in salary contributions during the marriage can make property settlements a daunting process. As your attorneys, Rovito Law LLC will help you secure your share according to PA's equitable distribution law.


We'll help your negotiations reach a conclusion that will allow you to move on in your life.

Your assets are worth fighting for

Divide your marital estate

  • The house and other real estate

  • Pensions and retirement accounts

  • Stocks, shares, investments

  • Vehicles

  • Valuables

  • Gifts and inheritances

  • Debt accrued during marriage

Learn Your Property Rights.


Negotiate a practical resolution

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